Teamwork makes the Dream Work

As a team, we work together to make an experience for our clients that is memorable for them with a fabulous result. Whether there are therapeutic reasons for your massage or simply the desire to relax and to be at your best, we both have the goal of helping our clients feel their very best.

We met in massage school and have built our business working together to bring the best of massage to Sevierville and to the Smoky Mountains. We love to hike. We enjoy meeting people and we strive to offer our very best in massage services for individuals, couples, patients, anyone who can benefit from our massage techniques.

We try to bring a special kind of connection to those who reserve massage with us in whatever way that might be. We have grown to enjoy the energy of those we meet and hope to connect in a way that brings a special experience for them.

Team Tina and Amber

We invite you to read our reviews. People have been very good to us and joined in with our sense of fun, local knowledge of the area, passion for hiking and more. Reserve your appointment and see how much we enjoy our people. Let us know how we can best connect wth you.